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Our reeds are born of determination and passion, which for years have fueled the idea of being able to improve the technical aspect of music, and have found fertile ground in the world of saxophones and their players.

The synthetic reed Rogerreeds, represents the answer, all made in Italy, to the world market of synthetic reeds; is the result of years of testing on different materials and additives, to improve the characteristics of the plastic product, the aesthetic line follows the classic form of the natural reed, with a slight customization as regards the final pronunciation.

Our product is transversal and is appreciated both by the new generations, for the confidence they have in innovation and plastic products and by the most experienced players, always looking for the best comfort / setup, perhaps solving the age-old problem of reeds in bamboo.

Our products are made with an atypical process for the sector, we use plastic polymers with characteristics suitable for the indicated use, they are preformed and finished by hand by our artisans with 10 fundamental passages, tested and individually packaged, with ad hoc packages.




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