3,40 €

Corkfat grease, ideal for maintenance of flute, clarinet, oboe and trumpet. Extends cork life and maintains air tightness. Lipstick packaging, easy to use. Open the top cover and turn the bottom part. Dimensions: height: 63mm, diameter: 15mmColor: White / transparent ODORLESSWeight: 10g

5,00 €

High quality synthetic lubricant, which has been specially developed for pistons with a medium play. It allows an agile, fast and uniform play of piston. Protects against wear and corrosion. Not lumpy.

3,80 €

Multi-purpose bactericidal disinfectant ready to use without rinsing for cleaning and disinfection of your musical aids (reeds, mouthpieces, etc.) and wherever the use of the specific product is required.

4,00 €

A synthetic oil and resistant oil, particularly for instruments with very compact and new cylinders. For all metal joints and joints, it protects against corrosion and wear. With dosing nozzle that allows a simple and clean application.

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