Rogerreeds was born from the idea of 2 friends who for a long time confronted and clashed over the possibility of improving the technical aspect of music, and found, thanks to their specific skills, the possibility of exploring the world of saxophones and their players . If you wonder how two very different people and with little work correspondence, one a technician the other a craftsman, can meet and explore something new and exciting together, well you just have to imagine that there is curiosity, innovation the obsession, and as a leitmotif the passion for music, which is passion and then point to everything that music is the background, life, emotions, friendship, love, not for a person , but for a project, maybe not unique, but certainly different, proudly Italian by definition, but also international by aspiration.


After many tests and experiments, our product was born. The Reed Rogerreeds, represents the all-MADE IN ITALY response to the world market of synthetic reeds; is the result of years of testing on different materials and additives to improve the characteristics of the common plastic product, the aesthetic line follows the classic form of natural reed with a slight customization as regards the final pronunciation, we are very proud of it and the market has rewarded us with consents and appreciations.


Now our goal is widening, but it doesn't change, we want every player to be able to try and appreciate it, we are constantly evolving, even now we are experimenting with new solutions, we are constantly looking for new materials and technologies to make this project even better, selling it ONLINE is our beginning but covering our territory our commitment, we have a dream and we want to share it.


... let's write it together ...