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Multi-purpose bactericidal disinfectant ready to use without rinsing for cleaning and disinfection of your musical aids (reeds, mouthpieces, etc.) and wherever the use of the specific product is required.

The extraordinary balance makes the product unbeatable for cleaning operations without halos.

Used according to the indications, it allows the contact of the surfaces treated with food substances. Furthermore, the high concentration of antimicrobial active ingredients gives the product a high disinfectant power.

It is not corrosive and when used on steel it performs a decalcifying and brilliant action. The sprayed product reduces the bacterial loads, which is a cause of maleodori, allergies and diseases.

The product should be used as it is on the surface to be treated, then wait for the spontaneous evaporation of the product. The contact time to obtain a bactericidal activity must be at least 15 minutes. After this time, for an immediate use of the surfaces, dry using a dry cloth.

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