Rapida Reeds for Alto Saxophone

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White reed

Texture: pleasant with surface satin finish
Lapping: 240
Numeral value of hardness: 2/2 +

Easy and of high volume, medium sound.
Also ideal for studying.
High wear resistance over time.

Rogerreeds is the first and only synthetic reed made in Italy, an innovative semi-artisan product.

I discovered this all-Italian company and I learned a little about its history and its approach: everything convinced me to trust it and try its synthetic reeds. I was very satisfied, the feel and the sound are "warm" and really similar to wood, much more than other brands I have tried over time, and obviously there is the practicality of having a reed that is always ready and resistant. The hardness indicated is realistic, I will also purchase the softer grade to use it with very open mouthpieces. I definitely recommend them to anyone who plays at my amateur level, but from what I've seen I really think they can fly much higher!

Gianluigi Conti
The reed sounds immediately if you have the foresight to slightly moisten the mouthpiece table to improve the seal of the air backwards. I am a total beginner and therefore, if on the one hand I am not able to give too refined judgments on the quality of the sound, I can however say that these reeds take away the worry of selecting them, trying to fit them and, quite importantly, sanitizing them. To underline the courtesy of the supplier and his attention to customers.


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