Grinta Reeds for Tenor Saxophone

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Reed of blue color

Texture: pleasant with surface satin finish
Lapping: 240
Numerical value of hardness: 2.5
Sound: strong mellow easy and full volume

Excellent in registers with subdued dociles and full medioscura (Jazz).
High wear resistance over time.

Rogerreeds is the first and only synthetic reed made in Italy, an innovative semi-artisan product.

Luigi Del Villano
For a few years I have been using exclusively synthetic reeds and recently I wanted to try this made in Italy product and was pleasantly surprised. The attention to detail immediately catches the eye when looking at the reed holder and the choice to give a different color based on the hardness, so as to immediately recognize the reed we want to mount. The sound is spontaneous and the volume capability is incredible; the name Grinta is truly apt. It also performs very well when playing at more moderate volumes and in blown pieces. Given the same number, it seemed a bit harder than the reeds I was using, but it could also just be a question of habit. In any case, I'm really happy and I will definitely try the contralto and soprano ones too. ​

Marco Gigli
Excellent assistance during shipping. Really a very good product with an immediate feeling. For my characteristics the best reed among the synthetic heads.

Giovannella Monaco
Reed ready immediately, both in the high and low notes, I had some doubts about the hardness given that I use the 3 bamboo ones, but, actually, even if it can be played easily, you have to take care of the plastic which, rightly, does not soften with use. I would take it back

Enrico Ravagnan

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