Reeds Case made of disinfectant material

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Roger Reed case holds up to 5 reeds for clarinet and saxophone, including baritone sax. Roger Reed case is made of a special virucidal material and it’s completely made in Italy.

Made of special virucidal material, this product is able to deactivates many strains of viruses, fungi and bacteria including Covid-19 as per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) protocol.

Keep your sound safe!

The inner part is strengthened by two side walls that protect the reeds from possible breakage in case of collision.

The case is equipped with a humidity stabilizer pack that keeps a percentage of 72% inside.

The package also includes a customizable sticker label to indicate in which position a particular reed is placed.

Tony Engle
The universal reed case is the answer to something that I have been looking for for years. It securely stores single reeds including synthetic [which are often thinner than cane - which easily fall out of many other reed holders] - all sizes - and keeps them safe from damage. Excellent!! best wishes Tony Engle

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